Why is a mental health spokesperson important to you?

Together we can send a message to the Prime Minister, and hold him to account on his promise to have a mental health spokesperson.

Mind campaigner, Hannah, recently wrote to the Prime Minister demanding action on his February promise to have a mental health spokesperson at a coronavirus press briefing. She wrote:

As we emerge from the pandemic, the anxiety of lockdown easing, the huge loss of jobs and lives, the damage to future prospects, the strain on the healthcare system, means we may be heading towards a mental health crisis on a national scale.

Now we need you to share with the Prime Minister why you think having a mental health spokesperson is important.

Will you tell the Prime Minister how your mental health is right now, and let him know why a mental health spokesperson is important to you? 

Enter your message, and we will compile them anonymously and send them to the Prime Minister asking him to take action.