Urgent: Personal Independence Payments (PIP) vote today

Last month, the Government announced that they want to change the way Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are awarded in the future.

Recently the courts ruled that people who find it difficult to leave the house because of psychological distress should be able to receive the higher rate of PIP. But now the Government wants to change the law so that they don’t have to follow the court’s ruling.

Today - Wednesday 29 March - MPs will vote on these changes. We’re determined to stop them going through and we need your help.

We are asking all MPs to vote to stop these misguided regulations going through. The Government must have a meaningful vote by 3 April on changes that could affect 160,000 people with mental health problems. These damaging changes should not happen.

There are already problems with the way PIP works that mean fewer people with mental health problems get the highest rate of support for their mobility needs. However, the Government wants to now make it explicit in law that mental health and physical health should be treated differently.

This change is against the spirit of the law. It flies in the face of their commitment to treating mental and physical health equally.

The Government needs to reverse their position on this. Email your MP now to make sure they attend today’s debate and demand a meaningful vote on these changes.