Press Play on Mental Health

In the last two UK General Elections, every major political party pledged to take action on mental health. Despite these promises, the UK’s mental health has been stuck on pause for too long. It’s time to press play.

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While politicians have been paying lip service to the growing conversation on mental health, little has changed for those of us trying to get support for our mental health - putting lives at risk.

  • In the last year 50,000 people have been sectioned under an out of date Mental Health Act.
  • 300,000 people with a long-term mental health problem fall out of work every year.
  • Nine in ten people with mental health problems say they have seen their mental health get worse because of worries about an upcoming benefit assessment.
  • Only one in three people with common mental health problems currently have access to treatment and support.

This isn’t good enough. Politicians can’t keep mental health on pause any longer. It’s time to press play on better mental health.

Press play on Mental Health