An open letter to the Prime Minister: it's time to deliver

UPDATE: our open letter has now closed! A fantastic 3, 834 of you signed our open letter, which we've now sent to the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Thank you!

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You can read our letter to the Prime Minister below:


The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

Prime Minister

10 Downing Street


Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations on your success in the Conservative Leadership Contest.

Mind wrote to you last month with a copy of our briefing, Time to Deliver, which explained why mental health is one of the biggest issues you’ll need to address as Prime Minister. 

Mind's letter and briefing made clear that mental health services are failing in parts of the country, with two-thirds of people with common mental health problems still not receiving any treatment at all. We set out evidence of the growing crisis in young people's mental health, and urged you to bring the Mental Health Act into the 21st century so that people can expect to be treated with dignity and compassion.

We also explained why you’ll need to look beyond the NHS to really improve mental health - addressing issues such as housing, employment protections, and social care to name but a few. And we made clear that all too often the benefits system, far from supporting people, adds to their distress and anxiety and pushes them further away from work.

We're writing not only as Mind, but as the voices of our campaigners and supporters, including those who have chosen to sign our letter.

Now that you are in post, we are writing to urge you to act quickly, to not only honour the commitments of the Conservative Party manifesto, but also to go further and put mental health at the very heart of your political agenda. 

It’s time to deliver on mental health, and we look forward to hearing your plans. 

Kind regards

Mind and our undersigned supporters


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