Dear Boris, we need mental health support

We've handed in this petition!

Thanks to your campaigning, the UK Government pledged £500 million to address the mental health impact of Coronavirus, and made commitments relating to four out of the five asks in the petition you signed: 

  • A commitment to continuing face to face support for people with mental health problems who need it

  • £50 million to protect mental health beds in hospitals over the winter and to make sure mental health patients are discharged with the right support

  • Assurance that people with severe mental illnesses will receive regular physical health checks

  • Confirmation that many people with mental health problems are eligible for free deliveries of essential items such as food

This is a fantastic achievement, and long overdue. It will mean many people can get the additional support they need this Winter and beyond.

However, our work is not done. We have not seen the commitments we would like on the benefits system. We are still calling for a financial support package for people with mental health problems. Learn more here.

Sign our petition urging the UK Government to invest in a Winter Mental Health Support Package for those of us severely affected by mental health problems.

As we head into a second lockdown and face a winter of heightened restrictions, prioritising the nation's mental health has never been more critical.

Right now, those of us severely affected by mental health problems are at risk as we struggle to access vital services, food and benefits to help keep us well. We must learn from what went wrong in the first wave of coronavirus and act early- to protect those most at risk and the NHS:

Dear Prime Minister,  
This is a mental health emergency.    
The winter period will be extremely challenging for the nation’s mental health. And many of us severely affected by mental health problems are at risk of imminent crisis.  
In light of the new restrictions, the UK Government must urgently set out how it will protect people severely affected by mental health problems throughout the next few months.   
We urge the UK Government to put in place a Winter Mental Health Support Package to ensure that people severely affected by mental health problems can access:  
  1. Covid-safe face-to-face support from services  
  2. Beds in mental health hospitals and support when they go home  
  3. Free flu vaccinations and physical health checks  
  4. Food and other essential items  
  5. Financial support through a flexible benefits system