Building a better future for mental health

Mental health is one of the biggest domestic issues facing the next government in this general election.

Recent years have seen real progress in attitudes towards mental health and some investment and improvements in our services, but in many areas of the country services are still poor and many of us lack the essential support that is necessary for our full participation in society.

There is still so much to do.

Join us and take action to make it happen. Send our manifesto – Making it happen - to your local parliamentary candidates and ask them to prioritise mental health if they are elected.

Together we can get the next government to build a better future for mental health.

We are calling on the next government to:

  1. Transform mental health care and invest more than the £1billion committed to by the current government.
  2. Improve public understanding of mental health and reduce discrimination, including supporting the Time to Change campaign.
  3. Tackle the culture of fear around workplace mental health by supporting employers to create mentally healthy workplaces, and providing effective support for those out of work.
  4. Ensure the welfare system supports anyone with a mental health problem that needs it, without the fear of having benefits removed.
  5. Fund local authorities to deliver tailored social support on issues like debt, isolation and housing – issues that make life harder for people with mental health problems.
  6. Change outdated, discriminatory legislation to ensure everyone with a mental health problem gets support and respect.