Ask your candidate to press play on mental health

While politicians have been paying lip service to the growing conversation on mental health, little has changed for those of us trying to get support. The next UK government must commit to transforming the lives of everyone experiencing mental health problems.

You can help us by asking your election candidate to pledge that they will take action on mental health if they are elected.

Just enter your details on the right and we’ll match you up with your election candidates. We’ll use this information to keep you updated with ways to get involved in our election campaign and on our campaigning work. Please note not all candidates' contact details are currently available, we’re working to update our lists as this information is released.

We have already drafted an email for you to send asking your candidate to pledge to press play on mental health. Please do add your own thoughts and experiences and tell your candidates why mental health matters to you.

This is your chance to get your election candidates to publicly commit their support for mental health and pledge to take action if they are elected on the 12 December.