This action is now closed - Sign our open letter

This action is now closed

We should all be able to take time off work when we are unwell. But too many of us are stuck with the impossible choice between taking time off sick and being able to pay bills or buy food. 

The UK Government must change the law on sick pay, so that we are all able to take the time off we need. 

A fairer system is possible. That’s why together with disability equality charity Scope we have written an open letter to the Government calling for a modern sick pay system that is flexible and fair. Read our full letter here.

Our letter calls for a system in which we can all receive sick pay from the first day we’re off sick, which equals the minimum wage and is available to everyone and up to a year. The UK's Statutory Sick Pay system is outdated and isn't working for disabled people, including those of us with mental health problems.

Join us and add your name to our letter now by filling in the form.